The Popular Trading Styles

Trading is pursued by many, either as a full-time professional venture or to earn some ‘added’ income depending upon one’s interest, knowledge, time availability and so on. Many people who want to pursue it to earn some extra money, do it without gaining the adequate knowledge or the essential basics about the trading practice and end up burning their hands, which makes them think it is a wary business.

But, that is not the reality, however trading like any other sector has its own set of cons if you are judicious enough to exercise caution while involving in trading activity without allowing your emotions to control you and, at the same time, do your basic homework in understanding the trading practice, you could actually play safer without losing your hard-earned money and, also make some fair profits.

When you are so keen to try out your hands in trading, you should understand the various factors that contribute to successful trading, of which your trading style matters very much as it can help to realize your trading goals effectively.

Also, deciding your trading style depends on a number of factors like your trading expectations or goals, your availability, and your interest, all of which have to be paid the utmost attention to choose your ideal trading style that could lead to success outcomes if not always, at least most of the times.

The following are the popular trading styles opted by many enthusiastic traders all over the world and by understanding these styles, you could get a fair idea about how they work and how they can help to achieve your trading targets.

The widely-followed trading styles

Day Trading

As the name implies, you should invest your entire day in pursuing this trading style, or in other words this, trading style is well-suited for the full-time traders, as it works on the principle of capturing quick profits when the stock market is active during the day and hence, not affected by the overnight stock movements. Also, known as the ‘intraday’ trading, in where you would be closing all your opened trades by the end of the day and hence, can be a fast-paced and exciting trading experience that is also riskier if you do not know how to play safe when compared to the other trading styles available.

Trend following

The popular trading strategy followed by the forex traders, especially the beginners when they are not so sure about the trading practice and other sophisticated strategies that could be so complicating their already uncomfortable position. The beauty of this trading style is its simplicity, where you just have to base out your trading movements according to the current market’s trend and, as long as that trend continues the positions are kept open, not bothering about how short, how medium or how lengthy they are.

EOD Trading

A trading style, much suitable for people with busy lifestyles and yet wanted to venture trading practice, either out of their personal interests or financial interests, as they can predict the market movements daily, weekly or even monthly and place pending orders without having to keep track or monitor when these orders trigger. As it doesn’t require you to monitor the movements so frequently it wouldn’t be very taxing for the office-goers to try out this trading approach if they are so into trading activity.

Scalp Trading

The scalp trading requires too much of a dedication from the involved trader and, can only be pursued if you are a full-time trader, as you must be glued to the TV screen to capture the small frequent profits throughout the day to be successful in your trading venture. This is one type of day trading and is certainly so exciting for the passionate trader. So, only if you can be so focused and able to afford your entire days’ time in trading, resort to this trading style, as even a small coffee break can be considered luxurious.

Position Trading

The position trading style is for long-term traders, who have the patience to hold on their position for a longer duration, even spanning for months, as they are not bothered about the short-term trade movements and consider their long-term trading practice could stabilize these petty fluctuations of trading. This trading style can be beneficial for the office goers, as they can use their pending orders, without having to always monitor the trade movements. Thus, these popular trading styles are suitable only for specific categories of people and hence, analyze your position and trading interest to choose a particular trading style to pursue trading successfully with decent profits.

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